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Raritan Valley Community College Business Administration

Taking online community college classes offers you the flexibility and convenience to fit college into your schedule. You have an opportunity to interact with instructors and fellow students online. RVCC offers special online course orientations to help you to prepare for studying virtually and to show you how to make the most of the educational experience.

Raritan Valley Community College Business Administration


The Business Administration program prepares students for transfer into the junior year at four-year colleges or universities. It also prepares them for many entry-level positions. This program includes required courses in accounting, business administration, business law, economics, and other business-related courses, as well as general education and free electives. The courses in the Business Administration degree program are sequenced to conform to the freshman and sophomore year course patterns at four-year colleges and universities. However, students planning to transfer to the Rutgers School of Business or other AACSB Schools are encouraged to consider enrollment in the Business Liberal Arts program.

The Business Administration program prepares students for transfer into the junior year at four-year colleges or universities. It prepares them for many entry-level positions. This program has a core business curriculum and options in:

Wallace State Community College (WSCC) is one of the largest colleges in the Alabama Community College System. WSCC's Business and Commerce Department is dedicated to offering student-centered, innovative learning that promotes community and personal growth.

The Business Administration program is a great choice for those who want to work in the field of business administration right away. Students have a well-balanced curriculum that includes general education and business-related subjects.

As an immigrant from India, I graduated from Southwestern Community College (Creston, Iowa) and now I have my Ph.D. from the University of Louisville! I am also the CEO of Unmudl. My hope is that one day very soon that every American has an awesome community college within twenty minutes of where they live. Let's make this happen together!!

Personal: Daughter of Charlie and Mary Pat Chiswick... majoring in business administration... older sister Chelsea played softball for Division-I George Mason University... born 12/4/00.

DeMaio, who received two associate degrees from Mercer, one in business administration and second in mortuary science, reminisced about his time spent at Mercer and his odyssey into the funeral business. While one would expect such a business to be handed down from a family member in a previous generation, this was not the case for DeMaio.

  • If you do not meet both of these requirements for preapproval, you must speak with your Pitt Business academic advisor about your options.Review the Preapproval Transfer Policies below. You are responsible for reviewing them and understanding how they apply to you. For example, it is important to note that a maximum of 60 credits are transferable to Pitt Business from a community college. Review this and other policies below.

  • Check the list below to determine that the college you want to attend is approved. To ensure that your course will transfer, your college must be on the approved list.

  • Check the course listings below to find one or more courses that you want to take. To ensure that your courses will transfer, they must be on the approved list.

  • Register for your summer course by contacting the college directly. This is your responsibility, as is paying the tuition fees at the college where you are taking your summer course.

  • Once you have completed your summer course(s), request that an official transcript be sent to the address below. Please note, it is important to forward your official transcript as soon as your courses are complete. Doing so will allow Pitt Business to post your transfer credit in a timely manner. Transfer credit impacts your Pitt credit total and can have a bearing on financial aid eligibility, class standing, registration appointment assignment and more. Send your official electronic transcript to or paper transcript mailed to:

College of Business AdministrationUniversity of Pittsburgh2204 Sennott SquarePittsburgh, PA 15260

There are about 7 colleges in the area where students completed distance learning programs, including 4 nonprofit online colleges, 1 for-profit online college, and 3 community colleges offering 2-year online degrees.

Looking for a 2-year school or online community college near Bridgewater? According to 2020 data from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), there were 3 2-year schools near Bridgewater, New Jersey where students completed 1,538 distance education degree programs. Browse through the listing below to learn more about each of the online community colleges near Bridgewater, including an estimate about online degree availability and popular online degree programs. Tuition shown reflects in-state rates.

The University has articulation agreements with many New Jersey community colleges to facilitate transfer from those institutions to William Paterson. These agreements address transfer admissions for students earning associate's degrees from state community colleges, policies governing acceptance of general education credits, and admission to specific academic programs.

While the official William Paterson University Transfer Credit Policy is to accept a maximum of 60 credits from a New Jersey community college, William Paterson University will accept ALL ASSOCIATE'S DEGREE CREDITS under the program-to-program transfer articulation agreements listed below. To ensure transfer of ALL ASSOCIATE'S DEGREE CREDITS in an eligible community college major, students must have an official community college transcript declaring an associate's degree in that major AND apply for the articulated William Paterson University bachelor's degree.

Per the Lampitt Law ( when students transfer into WPU with an A.A. or A.S. from a New Jersey Community College (on or after January 1, 2005) all of WPU's lower level core classes (University Core Curriculum [UCC]) will be waived. William Paterson University will also waive all credits earned at a New Jersey community college for an Associate of Fine Arts (A.F.A).

William Paterson University is currently working on updating the articulation agreements below. Once each agreement is signed off by both the community college and William Paterson University, the link next to the program will be activated to show the course equivalencies accepted by William Paterson University for the major.

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