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Carfax Used Car Buying Guide 'LINK'

As an example of a walk-around inspection, be sure to check out this article that showcases a 1986 Toyota 4Runner walk-around inspection that is an instructive demonstration on how to give a used vehicle a good once-over before buying and/or beginning repairs.

carfax used car buying guide

There are several ways to get a free Carfax Vehicle History Report. Carfax lists used cars on its website, and each car there comes with a free Carfax vehicle history report. Other online used car buying sites like AutoTrader might include a free Carfax report with their listings.

A test drive is an important part of buying a used car. Listen for any unusual sounds when driving, and be sure to drive the vehicle over various types of roads, including bumpy road surfaces and up hills.

Reports are often purchased in bulk by car dealerships (including large operations like Carvana ) that provide them to offer quality assurance on used vehicles. It's a good idea for a private buyer to invest in a CARFAX report, but most only do it for a car they are serious about buying.

Looking through CARFAX used car listings means you'll have ready and free access to a detailed vehicle history report. Not only will this information help you finalize a buying a decision, but it also means not having to shell out $40 for a single report.

Thinking about buying a used car? With so many things to consider, it can be confusing to know what to look for or where to start. We've put together our best advice for buying a used car in California, so that you're getting the best deal and a car that you'll actually love. (Don't worry new car buyers , we take care of you, too!)

Few shoppers look at even a half-dozen of the best used car websites, based on a recent survey, which showed that online shoppers visit an average of about four websites before buying their used vehicle, and that third-party websites typically were the first and last online shopping destinations.* provides shoppers data, resources and digital tools to make informed buying decisions about new, used and certified preowned vehicles and to connect them with dealers. Search by make, model, body style, color, features, price, deal rating (great, good, fair price) and more. The site offers one of the simplest car affordability calculators we encountered, and an outstanding tool enabling detailed comparisons between several vehicles. New car reviews and videos also are provided. (+)

CarMax*Shoppers can find CarMax-certified used vehicles online that are available through 225 stores nationwide. Shop by vehicle price, category, brand, model year, popularity and lifestyle (commuter, eco-friendly, family and outdoor), for example. Although the website could be easier to navigate, shoppers should be able to find car-buying tips and an easy-to-use car payment calculator. (+) 041b061a72

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