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Replacement Lego Pieces To Buy [PATCHED]

If you want to order LEGO parts, you can search on this page by LEGO number or other search term. You can also filter LEGO pieces by category, color and / or size. For example, you can filter on LEGO train parts and LEGO car blocks, if you are looking for LEGO track parts.Thanks to our large collection, chances are that you will find LEGO spare parts or missing LEGO bricks in our LEGO shop for individual parts. Have you forgotten to order some blocks? No problem, with ToyPro you can easily reorder LEGO parts and add them to your original order. So you don't have to pay double shipping costs. Therefore, ToyPro is the LEGO parts store for all your loose parts, building blocks and other types of LEGO pieces.

replacement lego pieces to buy

Once you are on the official customer service website for LEGO, you can search for LEGO pieces you are missing by using the name of the actual set you own, the set number, the theme of the set, and any other factors that may be relevant to the set itself. It is best to search for a LEGO set part replacement by using the exact set name or set number to avoid finding the wrong set of replacement pieces and bricks.

Yes. You can buy individual LEGO bricks for just about any set that is currently available on the market. Searching for individual pieces of LEGO can be done using the official LEGO website as well as various toy collecting sites and online communities. Searching for individual LEGO pieces is possible by color, design ID, element ID, and other search terms that are relevant to the piece(s) and set(s) you are interested in.

Head to the official website. Ensure that you are using the official LEGO website and not a third-party service that assists in finding missing LEGO bricks and pieces. Once you have accessed the LEGO website, navigate to the Bricks & Pieces section of the site. From this section of the LEGO site, you will be asked to choose between three options: Missing Bricks, Broken Bricks, and Buy Bricks.

No. If you have purchased an official LEGO kit that is missing bricks or pieces, you can often request additional spare parts free of charge using the official LEGO website and request form. LEGO may request proof of your purchase by requiring you to enter in the specific set number or the type of brick you require before you are able to receive the missing LEGOs in your set.

In most cases, yes, it is recommended to use the official LEGO pieces whenever you are missing a piece from a standard LEGO kit. While there are other LEGO-style bricks and pieces from third-party brands available, there is no guarantee that the colors and shapes will be exact. Using the same brand as your original LEGO set when searching for replacement parts is best to prevent issues when trying to use the part(s) with your current set(s).

Opening up your LEGO set only to discover you are not only missing parts, but also stickers and other pieces of your set can be extremely disappointing. However, you can also request additional items such as missing stickers and set add-ons from the official Bricks & Pieces section of the LEGO website.

Filling out the Bricks & Pieces form on the official LEGO website can walk you through the process of requesting not only bricks and missing LEGO pieces, but also additional pieces and stickers that are missing from your latest LEGO kit and set. Using the Bricks & Pieces form, you can submit a special request for missing stickers and additional items for your LEGO set using the same system and with the same set identification numbers as well as the same numbers for the pieces or stickers you are missing and wish to request.

Losing a LEGO piece or special brick does not have to feel stressful or upsetting, especially with the ability to order missing replacement parts at any time. When you know where to go when you are missing LEGO pieces, you can quickly find the replacements you need to complete any LEGO project or set you have your heart set on.

At Choose-a-Brick, we pride ourselves on offering a vast selection of high-quality individual LEGO bricks, LEGO parts and LEGO pieces online for sale. Whether you need basic bricks, specialty pieces, or rare parts for your latest project, we have almost everything you need to bring your vision to life. You can search our LEGO pieces store and parts section using the MPN code or the LEGO elemental codes or by description. We have a very fast search engine installed.

The LEGO parts section is subdivided by piece type and each listing contains all available colors for that part. All our LEGO pieces are genuine LEGO bricks and pieces. We have pride ourself on a huge offering of LEGO Technic pieces and LEGO blocks.

Why buy loose LEGO pieces, you ask? Well, let me tell you. First of all, have you ever built a LEGO set and thought, "Hmm, this is cool and all, but I wish I could add my own personal touch?" That's where loose LEGO pieces come in! With our loose pieces, you can add your own unique flair to any set and make it truly your own.And let's be real, who wants to be limited by the instructions? Sure, they're helpful and all, but where's the fun in following rules? With loose LEGO pieces, you can let your imagination run wild and create anything you can dream up.

Plus, have you ever lost a crucial piece to a set and felt like your whole world was falling apart? (Okay, maybe that's a bit dramatic, but you get the point.) With our loose LEGO pieces, you'll never have to worry about missing pieces again. You can stock up on all the essentials and have a never-ending supply of building materials. And last but not least, let's not forget the satisfaction of finding that one perfect piece that completes your creation. It's like finding a needle in a haystack, but better, because it's a LEGO piece and LEGO is awesome.

We always note the condition in the Listing. New LEGO pieces for sale are out of new LEGO sets and are only handled to be repacked in bulk bags. Used pieces are always in good condition. We do not sell pieces we would not want to receive ourselves. Some pieces we sell in bulk LEGO, some parts can be bought as individual LEGO parts.

If you are building a MOC and need a special piece, or you need LEGO replacement pieces for your old sets, you can always ask through the chat app in the left bottom corner. Within 24 hours, we try to get back to you. We might have the piece in stock or might find it for you. We always pick your bricks with care.

If there are LEGO missing pieces in your set, when you buy it you can contact the customer service of the official LEGO store. If the LEGO pieces are missing because you lost them, it is in most cases cheaper and easier to find LEGO pieces replacement in a specialized online LEGO shop like choose-a-brick. You can find all your legos pieces and LEGO by the piece in one place.

At Choose-a-Brick, we're passionate about helping LEGO enthusiasts bring their visions to life. Whether you're a seasoned builder or just starting out, we have everything you need to create something truly special. So why wait? Start browsing our selection of LEGO parts and pieces today and get one step closer to building your dream creation!

Answer: With missing pieces, you can buy the pieces from the LEGO pick-a-brick website or you can buy the pieces from specialised websites like our own choose-a-brick. On websites that sell loose LEGO parts, the prices will be cheaper than on the LEGO website and you will find a lot more pieces available. With rare and hard to find pieces, most LEGO Bricks shops / websites offer also used bricks.

I get a few missing pieces (all small) because I buy a load of sets each year.Lots of times minifigure heads are printed a little too low or too high, but LEGO customer service is great. On licensed themes they ask you for the number on the back of the instructions to make sure you actually own it.

Yeah, cheese-sloped are really bad. I really hope that LEGO is going to improve the design on those. I always buy extras so I can replace the cracked ones. Even if the set is now retired it is worth giving them a call and letting them know about the condition of the pieces. I even one time sent them a package with the broken pieces I got in a set so they see how they look.

Many years ago when my adult kids were small we got a delivery of multiple sets involving one of their early monorail or sky train sets ups and others of that modernist flavor. Only thing is I had never ordered it. I had asked for some replacement parts and they had my address on record and mistook it for someone else.

Tom, all the details are in the article. If you buy a new set and pieces are missing, they will replace them free of charge. If you loose the pieces yourself, you go through the same website, select the option that you want to buy extra pieces, select the set, and buy the pieces you want. We will talk about this aspect of the service (buying extra parts) in a separate article. ?

Kai, I have never heard of such an issue before. Print on LEGO elements is extremely durable and usually lasts for decades. The only thing I can think of is that you might be using some kind of oil or soap that melts off the print as you handle the pieces.

I should probably note that they even ship outside of the US! Inconsistently, but they do nonetheless. They actually heard that some of the pieces I got was broken, and they shipped it here to Indonesia from who knows where. Quite impressive, in my opinion.

If the loss of the LEGO piece was on your end, LEGO does ask that you purchase the bricks individually. Prices vary per piece (but are usually in the 20-30 cents range), and you will be covering shipping as well. Besides that, the process is identical to replacing lost or broken pieces.

But don't worry! Today we're going to take you through a LEGO light brick replacement guide that tells you how to get replacement parts (and gives you a great alternative if you just want to buy elsewhere *cough* Lightailing *cough*), and we'll also show you how to do a LEGO light brick battery replacement if DIY fixes are more your speed. Ready to find out more? Then let's get to it! 041b061a72

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