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Where To Buy A Watch Box

Your mechanical watches aren't the only things that need some TLC. Give your digital timepieces a little love with this display case, handmade of out of durable compressed wood and finished with side grooves that offer easy access for charging cables.

where to buy a watch box


Taking inspiration from Ralph's vintage car collection, this sleek and luxurious watch (and cufflinks!) box features supple quilted leather and matte hardware. It's basically Rolls Royce for your timepieces.

Trishna Rikhy is the Associate Style Commerce Editor at Esquire. Previously, her writing has appeared in Vogue Runway, PAPER Magazine, V Magazine, V MAN, and more. She is based in NYC, but can probably be found wherever the strongest cup of coffee is.

Due to their reputation of providing quality straps at an affordable price, many customers requested more accessories and products in complement with their watches thus, they started bringing in new products since then and has brought in watch boxes too.

Their 6 slots watch box comes at a price of $161, which is 1.5 times the price when compared to the 6 slots box offered by Nomad. The box, however, has a lockable front lid and has a lacquer coated wood finish.

If you have no clue with regards to how watch winders work and if they are actually good for your watches, take a look at this article written by Mark which he dived deep on the pros and cons of a watch winder, click here for the article!

It may not have all the additional features such as a front lid lock or ultra-suede linings but if you have a ton of watches or perhaps share your storage with your loved ones or family members (this time I really mean your family members) it will probably fit the bill.

As you can tell, do not only look at the prices or the amount of slots the watch box offers as the prices may vary. You can get a 24 slots watch box for a mere $350 while some brands offer a 6 slots watch box for a much higher price.

given that large watch sizes are quite popular, you should add that Wolf boxes have much wider spacing inbetween each slot, thereby minimizing the chance of accidental dings or scratches when removing/placing a large watch next to another.

At DailyWatch, we have a great variety of luxury watch boxes that meet your needs and desires and add a little extra something. If you are looking for a box to highlight the beauty of your watches when they are not used, a watch box is just what you will need.

We offer a wide range of different watch box sizes, so you can pick the one that fits your needs. So whether you only have one or two timepieces or have an extensive collection of watches, there is a watch box for you.

WatchBox, the pre-owned watch e-tailer co-founded in 2017 by Danny Govberg, Justin Reis and Tay Liam Wee, has acquired a majority stake in high-end Geneva-based independent watchmaker De Bethune. The brand will continue to be led by COO and master watchmaker Denis Flageollet, who founded the brand in 2002, and CEO Pierre Jacques.

WatchBox has a worldwide network of trading offices and stores in Philadelphia, Neuchatel in Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai in a joint venture with Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons. It is a major player in the pre-owned watch market, which consultant McKinsey & Co. says is worth $18 billion today and will be worth up to $32 billion by 2025. Not surprisingly, many Swiss brands have recently made moves to control sales of their pre-owned watches (including MB&F, Vacheron Constantin and Audemars Piguet, to name a few).

The five-time NBA most valuable player, who now owns the Charlotte Hornets, joined a list of athletes to invest in WatchBox, a site that allows people to buy, sell, and trade luxury watches. Brands include Richard Mille, a favorite of NBA players.

WatchBox has an inventory valued at $150 million. Rather than serving as a marketplace for peer-to-peer transactions, the company buys and trades luxury watches from sellers. It then authenticates the products and resells them to collectors and other buyers, capturing transaction fees in the process.

The secondary luxury watch market is booming as top makers like Rolex and Richard Mille avoid increasing supply to protect scarcity around collections. That allows luxury lines to hold their value in the secondary market, especially as demand inflates.

Consulting firm McKinsey estimates that pre-owned watch sales hit $18 billion in 2019 and could soar to $32 billion by 2025. According to the firm, pre-owned watch sales will be about half the size of the market for new retail watches by 2025, up from about one-third today.

Watch platforms like WatchBox are benefiting from a boom in the luxury watch market that accelerated during the pandemic. The market will eventually correct itself, and only a few platforms may survive.

This storage case is a beautiful way to put your watches on display. Putting watches in is simple. Just place the watch on the cloth-covered wooden rest. You can elegantly display up to 10 watches. The surface of the rests and the bottom of the case are lined with raised fabric so you can store your collection safely. There is a lid with an acrylic window so you can view your watches on display. The lid pivots on the back of the case so you can open and close it just like a door.

Founded in San Francisco by accomplished watch designer Justin Eterovich. Rothwell Leads the industry in innovative watch presentation and protective solutions. Rothwell is driven by the the guiding principle that form and function can be one in the same. To design the best watch accessories, one must first understand watch design itself. This is why all Rothwell products are designed in house exclusively by Justin, an experienced watch designer who has designed watch collections for brands across the globe. Each case is meticulously over engineered for a specific purpose. From watch storage and presentation to travel protection, Rothwell sets the standard.

Brown L265 - Beautifully hand crafted in solid wood with finest printed crocodile pattern leather, this Brompton watch box can hold up to ten of your finest watches. The luxurious brown or black leather is matched with a high-quality suede lining interior. Each watch cushion can be adjusted to fit individual watch sizes. So whether you own an IWC, Rolex, Tag Heur, Omega or Panerai, you can be sure they will be kept safe and secure.

Mats Meier's watches deserve a nice storage place. Where do you keep your watch when you are not wearing it? Do you put the watch away in the closet where nobody sees it? Mats Meier watches are far too beautiful for that!

Make sure that you put your watch in a luxury watch box! That way, you can keep your watches nice and close together. Because the watch boxes are open, you can always display your watches in your living room or bedroom.

The Mont Fort watch box collection is named after the mountain of the same name east of Geneva. And the collection has not been given this name for nothing. Because what are forts known for? That's right! Storing valuables.

Do you prefer a stylish watch box or a classic watch box to store your watches? You have come to the right place with Mats Meier. The storage boxes are made of durable materials and come in all sorts of designs.

Mats Meier has watch boxes made from leather and wood. The inside of the watch boxes differ as well. On one box the inside is made of leather and on another box it is for example made of velvet. The watch boxes also come in different shades, namely black, brown and dark grey.

Mats Meier's storage boxes also come in various sizes. For the real collector, we have storage space for up to 18 watches. Are you a slightly smaller collector? Mats Meier also has boxes for 'just' 5 watches. And in between there are a number of different sizes. Boxes with room for 6, 8, 10, 12 and 18 watches.

When purchasing a pre-owned watch, one of the most important factors, apart from price and authenticity, is the presence of the watch box and papers. That is, if the watch comes with its original box, certificates, and factory paperwork.

When the time comes to sell your watch, the completeness of the package can add a premium to your timepiece. Depending on the brand and model, one can estimate that the watch can increase in selling price by at least $250 with the box and papers intact.

If you are also planning to sell your watch directly to a buyer, having the watch box and papers intact can help you sell the watch quickly, as most buyers take it as a sign that the watch is authentic and in good condition.

They do add value to a watch, and help confirm their authenticity and provenance, but they do not guarantee that a watch is authentic. Your best defense against buying a counterfeit luxury watch is to avoid purchasing it privately, and instead go to a reputable dealer.

We have kept the functional features of a traditional watch organizer and valet tray, while combining it with a modern style case to display your favourite watches in a unique way.

If you want to truly display your watches for all to see, the Holme & Hadfield Watch Deck is a good option for you. Coming in 3 colors (black, oak, and walnut), the watch case includes a display section for four watches with an acrylic transparent cover that will protect your watches from dust and the elements. In addition, the case has a pull-out drawer where you can store anything from additional watches to sunglasses or cuff links. At just under $85 USD on Amazon, the Holme & Hadfield watch deck is a great affordable option for those that want to stylishly display their timepieces.

If you are looking for a watch winder that has a lot of functionality, the Leader 4 Watch Winder and 5 Watch Storage is a great well-priced option. In addition to being able to wind 4 watches simultaneously, this winder has drawer storage for an additional 5 watches. The winder has 15 different preset winding programs and can customized from 650 to 1950 TPD (turns per day). The winder also has an LCD display an LED interior light to showcase your watches. The winder can also be run on battery or plugged. For $289 USD on Amazon, the Leader Watch Winder really provides a lot of bang for your buck. 041b061a72

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