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Good Boy Gone Bad Lyrics Txt

TXT's "Good Boy Gone Bad" contains rap lyrics that Yeonjun wrote and sang. While fans might have liked his part in the song, the male idol confessed that he isn't entirely satisfied with those lyrics.

Good Boy Gone Bad Lyrics Txt

Yeonjun candidly shared, "To be honest, I didn't feel entirely satisfied with those expressions. I probably would have written even tougher lyrics if it had been a solo song. So I wanted to write tougher lyrics."

Read the original and most accurate lyrics to 'Good Boy Gone Bad' by Korean boy band Tomorrow X Together. Good Boy Gone Bad was released on May 9th as the second track on the band's new album, Minsode 2: Thursday's Child, read the lyrics to 'Good Boy Gone Bad' in a few scrolls and sing along.

And they were back to bickering on screen when TXT appeared in "Human Idol Theater". Whilst the members sat before the pool, YeonJun walked upstairs to the balcony and called BeomGyu, complaining that he was too loud. To which BeomGyu playfully replied that thanks to him they have good content to broadcast. 041b061a72

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