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Gmail Apps Sync

Before you begin, make sure that your device has the latest operating system and app updates. Try the general troubleshooting solutions in Troubleshooting Mail and Calendar apps for Windows 10. If that doesn't solve your issue, try the solutions below.

gmail apps sync

Firewalls and antivirus software might prevent you from syncing your email and calendar events. Although we don't recommend permanently turning off security software, temporarily turning off the software will let you determine if it is preventing you from syncing your email or calendar events.

Third-party firewalls or antivirus software might prevent you from syncing your email and calendar events. Although we don't recommend permanently turning off security software, temporarily turning off the software will let you determine if it is preventing you from syncing your email or calendar events. Check the software documentation to learn how to temporarily turn it off.

If you still can't sync your email after removing your account and adding it again, you might need to add the account using advanced setup. For more information, see Add an account using advanced setup.

The Mail and Calendar apps for Windows 10 don't support two-factor authentication. If two-factor authentication is turned on for your account, you'll need to create an app password for that account. An app password is used instead of your normal account password for apps that don't support two-factor authentication.

We value your opinion. If there's a feature you think is missing from the Mail and Calendar apps, or if a feature in isn't working properly, you can provide feedback directly to the Mail and Calendar team.

New for 2022, the app is now capable of syncing your Outlook contacts with one of your iPhone accounts, such as iCloud. Your Outlook contacts can belong to a personal account, such as, or a business account, such as Office 365.

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  • Even if your organization might be using one primary cloud platform like Google Workspace, your employees, partners, and clients will use other cloud apps: like Evernote for note-taking, Dropbox for sharing with clients, Salesforce for CRM, Basecamp for project management. On other hand, you might need to migrate large amount of data from other cloud services such as Dropbox, Box, etc. cloudHQ will sync and integrate all these cloud apps and storage services with your Google Workspace accounts

  • cloudHQ provides fast reliable migration solutions without any interuption to your business

To ensure you're free from bugs and get the latest problem fixes, we recommend you're using the most recent version of the Gmail app. You can update it for free on the Play Store. Sometimes, Gmail might face problems syncing your emails if the app is outdated. But all you need to rectify that is by updating the Gmail app:

Quite simple, right? But it works in most cases. To fix Gmail not syncing, reboot your device. A bug in the system, which rebooting your device can fix in most cases might cause the problem. Just restart your device to see if it fixes the issue.

Equally important, you need to ensure you've enabled automatic synchronization for Gmail in the system account settings. Failure to do so means Gmail won't synchronize until you refresh the app manually. You should check this setting after enabling 'Sync Gmail' in the Gmail app. Here's how:

Google confirms that "If your phone or tablet is running out of space, syncing won't work." So, to ensure everything is in order, try to free up your phone storage if it's getting low. You can uninstall apps you're not using; delete downloaded files, installation packages, and movies you've watched.

If the internet on your PC is working and you're using the latest version of the Mail app but Gmail is still not syncing, you should check the Mail app settings. Perhaps you've disabled automatic synchronization mistakenly. Follow the steps below to re-enable it.

While Gmail doesn't synchronize on iOS the same way on Android, Google uses IMAP to send and receive emails on iPhone. This setting should be enabled by default, but it's worth double-checking. Go to the Gmail or Mail app settings and ensure you turn on IMAP.

I am running on Yosemite with a few Gmail accounts on IMAP. Everything is syncing just fine, with the exception of the Junk folders: every time I use "Erase junk mail...", the emails are immediately deleted from the client, but they still show up in Gmail's spam folder.

This doesn't happen with the other folders (sent mail ecc): whenever I delete an item from one of these folders, the change is synced to the server. They are also configured in the same way in

When setting up your Google Apps / Gmail account as your email program on outlook, many people make the mistake of using the Outlook wizard to add the account. Whilst this will add your Gmail business email to your outlook it will miss the exchange like functionality of syncing your Google CHalendar, Google Tasks and Google Contacts. In this article we are going to look at setting up Gmail using Google Apps Sync for Outlook. This will only work for paid Google Apps for Business accounts and not the free gmail version.

The best advice we can give is to be preventative instead of reactive. This means keeping great password hygiene, keeping apps and antivirus software updated, knowing the risks of using the internet in public spaces, and being responsive to alerts and notifications surrounding your accounts.

Users often experience trouble with Gmail not loading, syncing, or logging in. If you encounter Gmail errors or other issues, try re-logging into your Gmail account, checking your Wi-Fi connection, or other troubleshooting ideas to give your email provider a kickstart.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and I love the new Gmail app. Works awesome. My only problem is that it doesn't sync emails (I don't receive any new notifications when new emails arrive, I have to manually click refresh in the app which is annoying) when I'm on Mobile Data. When I'm on Wifi I receive notifications almost instantly. I've searched on Google Help but couldn't find anything.

Just found this thread and it helped me solve the same issue (gmail not syncing on mobile data) on my Galaxy S3. Under settings/data usage/gmail I found that 'restrict background data' was ON. Just for gmail, not globally. Not sure when or how that got checked, but it may have been that way out of the box since my gmail has never synced on mobile data, even with a factory wipe.

my problem was that "google play services" was restricted over cellular network so my emails only synced when i had wifi. Under settings/data usage/google play services...turn data restriction off. This solved my issue.

Even after this if you have a problem, then:1. Made sure that the Data restriction is OFF for your specific app or is OFF in general.2. Your Data is switched ON and has correct APN configured.3. Your Background Data usage is set to enable for the specific apps.

You can also check the last time Gmail actually synced. It will give you an idea of whether the Inbox is up to date or not. Some smartphone UIs have a sync button in the notification area to help save battery when you are low on juice.

You will also find the Permissions option on the same menu. Surprisingly, even in my phone where Gmail sync is working correctly, Storage option was set to Deny. However, one user found out that setting it to Allow, and a simple reboot did the trick.

Gmail sync is a curious issue because you can open the app and in some cases, sync is also working fine. It is only in the notification area where you can view the sync constantly working. In other cases, mails are not moving in or out of your phone, which is scary. How else do you check them on the move? One way is to use a browser, and while that does work as a Gmail site is optimized for mobile, how many times can you check emails? Push notifications were designed to solve this problem. And now that is broken.

A C.A. by profession and a tech enthusiast by passion, Gaurav loves tinkering with new tech and gadgets. He used to build WordPress websites but gave it all up to develop little iOS games instead. Finally, he dropped out of CA to pursue his love for tech. He has over 5 years of experience as a writer covering Android, iOS, and Windows platforms and writes how-to guides, comparisons, listicles, and explainers for B2B and B2C apps and services. He currently divides his time between Guiding Tech (writer) and Tech Wiser (editor).

Users with Outlook 2016 (retail version), 2019, 2021, and 365 won't have a problem when Less Secure Apps is disabled. They can connect to Gmail accounts (using IMAP) with Allow less secure apps turned off. Gmail users with older versions of Outlook who want to continue to use Outlook will have two options: upgrade to new version of Office or enable two step verification on their account and use an app password.

Hi, I have tried this fix but because Outlook wont recognise my gmail accountGives error 400 An error occurred when you tried to access your mailbox because a server with information about you and your mailbox couldn't be found. Although I have got the code There is no send and receive button to send it, The Outlook is brand new with a new laptop and although I can get emails form Gmail I want to get them on Outlook. I have Imap enabled and two stage verification turned on. Hope you can help

You must generate an App Password to give the email sync app access to your Gmail inbox. Provide your email address under the Email Server User (Login Name) textbox, then click the Gmail Users: Generate and Use App Password link.

First, you need to add your Google account to your iPhone. If your Google account is already synced to your iPhone, feel free to skip these steps. Otherwise, this is how to add your Google account to the iPhone:

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