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Buy Proximity Beacon ((FREE))

Please reference the Gimbal Supported Countries page for a list of countries we are currently shipping to. Some countries may require an additional regulatory sticker applied to the back of the beacon. (see example in the last picture)

buy proximity beacon

We will replace any defective beacon within 15 days from the date of delivery at no charge. You must contact us at to report the problem and allow for troubleshooting, if necessary.

No. Since Google discontinued Nearby Notification services, you cannot implement proximity marketing without an app. Beaconstac has built a proximity marketing app that can scan and display beacon notifications - NearBee. Available for both iOS and Android. Read more about NearBee.

To deal with diverse business needs, Beaconstac offers a range of Bluetooth beacons with varied transmission ranges, form factors, battery requirement, TX power and recommended use-cases. All our beacons are:

The hardware lineup consists of stationary beacons - Indoor beacons , Outdoor beacons & Long-range beacons and portable beacons - Pocket beacons , USB beacons and keychain beacons . You can learn more about the options we support on the Beaconstac hardware data-sheet.

Successfully deployed in top retail environments, venues, events, museums, conferences and out-of-home assets around the globe, our secure beacons are trusted to empower engaging and consistent mobile app experiences.

Dual omni-antenna and directional-antenna designs allow Gimbal beacons to deliver superior signal clarity. Stronger signals also enable more use cases, predictable and repeatable user experiences, greater accuracy for your engagements, and better data from your campaigns.

With flexibility in mind, our latest beacons are designed to NEMA 3 specifications and have been proven for exceptional performance both indoors or outdoors. This means the elements are no longer a barrier to engaging your customers with the most relevant and timely information.

Beacon marketing is a proximity marketing channel used by businesses to interact and engage with consumers at strategic locations. This communication is triggered by a tiny hardware device known as Bluetooth beacon. These devices transmit location-triggered rich notifications to smartphones nearby.

Our latest partnership with Shoutem, a DIY app builder allows you to create iOS and Android beacon apps in a few easy steps - create a beautiful app using the drag and drop builder, integrate the Beaconstac extension and publish the beacon app on App Store or Google Play.

NearBee, our beacon app initiative is designed to help businesses that do not have an app. It is a hardware agnostic app that scans for all beacons in range. Leverage NearBee to interact with your customers.

Beacons have to be deployed in strategic locations to ensure smooth engagement with consumers. Also, the beacon range has to be calibrated in a way that it does not interfere with the experience of the adjacent product.

Once you create campaigns on the Beaconstac dashboard and assign it to the deployed beacons, your consumers start receiving notifications on their smartphones. To receive these notifications, your consumers need a beacon-powered app. This app could be one of the following -

Beacons deployed in stores, airports and other business locations continuously transmit Bluetooth Low Energy signals in its range. The beacon range is calibrated as per the use case. It ranges from 10m to 300m. Beacon-powered apps are capable of scanning these Low Energy signals. Once these apps detect the beacon signal, it finds the ID attached to the signal. The smartphone refers to the cloud server using the ID and fetches the action linked to it. This action could be notifying users about a deal, a feedback form or the business website. These notifications are rich in-app notifications that open up a campaign - a markdown card, a form or a website.

What sets Bluetooth beacons apart from other proximity marketing technologies is the rich and personalized experience it provides. While most other proximity marketing channels require consumers to take the first step - tap (in case of NFC) or scan (in case of QR Code), Bluetooth beacons push campaigns to consumers in range.

The whole point of proximity marketing is to ensure that the end-user finds the campaigns relevant. Without an app, it all becomes too easy to forget the consumer. This results in bombarding consumers with irrelevant messages. With an app in the picture, consumers choose to receive marketing content. 2 in 5 consumers like to receive targeted ads and location plays a huge role in relevance. Whether they choose to download a brand app or a third party beacon app to get notified of all the businesses in the vicinity, their experience is bound to be more tailored and rich. 70% of millennials try out new apps every month.

If you are looking build your own iOS and Android app, Beaconstac has partnered with one of the leading DIY app building platforms - Shoutem, to provide a seamless way of creating beacon-powered apps.

Bluetooth beacons are vastly superior to legacy advertisement channels. Average open rates for standard push notifications are 7.8%. However, targeted and rich beacon notifications have an open rate of 22.5% on an average (open rate for brand app beacon notifications- 30%, open rate for third-party beacon notifications - 15%).

Companies are turning away from traditional forms of advertisement and are looking more favourably towards proximity marketing solutions, as a means of sending more relevant and contextual messages to a targeted audience.

Navigate users to a property, engage with them when inside the premises or distribute digital business cards to interested buyers with beacon marketing. Realtors like Makelaardij Hoekstra, Redfin, Mobile Doorman, Spicerhaart land and new homes and A Vendre, A louer use beacon technology to engage with interested buyers.

This is possibly the most important point when it comes to beacons buy. How far does your beacon transmit or rather how far do you need a beacon to transmit? For example, a product launch within a store does not need a transmission range of more than 30 meters, whereas if a real estate agent wants to drive new customers to an open house 300 meters is ideal. The best Bluetooth beacons have a long-range of up to 300 meters are the most popular and versatile beacons in the market. Battery Life: Another crucial factor is the battery life of the beacons. You do not want to be in the middle of a campaign and find out that your beacons have run out of charge. Now you can purchase USB beacons from Beaconstac and never have to worry about changing batteries. This plug-and-play beacon can be plugged into a USB port to start broadcasting proximity marketing campaigns.

  • There are different beacons suited to different locations. The most basic feature to note is if you want to deploy beacons outside, you should make sure your beacons are weatherproof.

  • Protocols supported (Eddystone/iBeacon):Does your beacon support only iBeacon? Do you need Eddystone support? Buy beacons that support both to give you the maximum flexibility for deployment. For e.g. Beaconstac beacons can transmit both iBeacon and Eddystone protocols in an interleaved mode to give flexibility for deployment

Beacon Platform:When you buy beacons, you may get a platform that will only help you configure your beacons. However, if you are looking to run an effective proximity marketing campaign, you will need more than just a basic platform. Choose an end-to-end solution that offers you a comprehensive platform. Solutions like Beaconstac allow you to manage your campaigns through customizable content management systems, gather digital analytics, and organize related beacons simultaneously.

It is merely the level up to which a bluetooth beacon transmits signals. This can be anywhere between -30dBm to +4dBm. The Tx Power affects the range of the signal. More your Tx power, further your range. However, increasing the Tx power is going to have an impact on the battery life as well. More the Tx power, more the drain on your battery.

UPDATE: Nearby Notifications will no longer be supported on Android smartphones after December 6 2018. Please read this blog post to understand how you can continue running proximity marketing campaigns through beacons.

Based on your decision to start with only beacon hardware vs investing in an end-to-end solution, the options would vary. If you want to start with only beacon hardware, you could check out Kontakt or Estimote.

Whereas, if you want to invest in an end-to-end solution, which has beacon hardware, software to create and manage campaigns, and a powerful analytics engine, then get started with Beaconstac. Beaconstac beacons work out-of-the-box and come pre-configured. You can have your campaign up and running in 15 minutes.

Start leveraging beacons to surpass your competitors and reach the right audience today. Or looking for an alternative that requires no app and also reaches your target audience? Try the QR code solution now.

If you own a business or are involved in marketing, you may have heard about beacon technology. Perhaps you even received a Google beacon in the post as part of Project Beacon, a program Google launched to send free beacons to businesses with the aim of improving mobile visibility and experience.

Beacons are small, wireless transmitters that use low-energy Bluetooth technology to send signals to other smart devices nearby. They are one of the latest developments in location technology and proximity marketing. Put simply, they connect and transmit information to smart devices making location-based searching and interaction easier and more accurate.

The beacon device itself is incredibly simple. Each device contains a CPU, radio, and batteries, and it works by repeatedly broadcasting out an identifier. This identifier is picked up by your device, usually a mobile, and marks out an important place in your environment. 041b061a72

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