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Working Mothers

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Lili The Sensual Green Pear Part 2

A light green, pastel green, and pale yellow glittery gradient skirt trim with very pale mint ruffles around the bottom to match those on each corner of the skirt. Gold pearls go down the ruffles, with the ribbon ornament from the chest at the bottom. On each section of the skirt is a gold ornate heart with a crown on top, curled vines, leaf, a fairy, and a crown. White bell flowers, crystal droplets, emeralds, pink and white daisies, and amethysts decorate this piece, and at the bottom is a light pink ribbon. The waistband is made from the shoulder straps, and beneath the skirt is a pale pink tulle petticoat.

lili the sensual green pear part 2


Light pink pumps with gold sole and lining the insert. On top of the foot is the ribbon ornament from the top and skirt. Covering the leg are gold, purple, and green pearls, along with gold fairy tattoos, and above the knee is a gold ornate chain that has an emerald in the center and a small crystal droplet beneath it.

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