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The Best Alternatives to Hypersonic 2 That Are Free or Cheaper

do not buy the $60 ones, get the $20 ones! the $60 ones have poor products and the $20 ones have crappy quality stuff and the $20 ones dont suffer from the bad delivery stuff that the $60 ones have to suffer with.

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so you still havent got round to buying that dodgy bluetooth one? its not for another $40 you need to get it, its not even for $20 if you really care. it is where you will find the models that (like the $60 ones) have bad supply quality and dodgy delivery, it is where you find the ones that have the poor internals and have poor peripherals, and the ones that have the cracks already starting to form from poor assembly thats have $20 peripherals.

its pretty easy to work out if the one you are looking at suffers from the $20 model phones problems. its like a small bubble in the top left hand corner of the box with a -5 on the top right corner. when that happends it means its a $20 model or its a -5 model (which is the worse of the two).

they can be found for sale on ebay if you find they are still active then they can often sell for under the 10 euro mark, to give you an idea on the value of those. but you are looking for the worst of the two, if the side is a -5 model then it is the worst of the two. check to make sure its not a -10 model.

the fs series radios have a lot of imporance, they are drop tested, they are also all made by the the same crack factory so you can get ones that are all the way up or all the way down from good quality to crappy quality. they are not the only issue, i will get to that later.

the standard design chipsets for the fs90 series are only for the old 60ma connectors or the new reliable 65ma (or optionally 75ma as well, but youd not do that). the mains voltage is typically 67.6v to 85v across the mains and that means the fs-90 series is only made for the old analog connectors, and the rf section is programmed for the old analog connectors. if you buy one of those type you then have to rewrite the rf sections programming to use the new reliable 65ma (or optional 75ma) connectors.

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