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PATCHED DVDFab Platinum V8.1.7.1 Qt Beta Patch

Ah Metshrine ... the application has now been fixed in a way that I am sure you will like. The error report is now sent ... get this, you'll like it ... by email! It is no longer sent automatically. And guess what? Your machine, if it is properly patched, will tell you that an application is trying to send an email and will ask you if you want it sent! If you don't, it won't. Now that's not everything you want. You want some option to stop the application from sending anything. But it's a start. Seriously, this application works as well or better than any other application I've used in the past to copy DVDs, and it works easily for even the casual user. To me, it's a 5. heck, it's better than a 5.Ok, Metshrine, the ball is in your court. Is it still a 1? Probably. By the way, which application DO you recommend? Are you reporting your income from that application to the tax authorities?

PATCHED DVDFab Platinum v8.1.7.1 Qt Beta Patch


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