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Dragon Ball Af Full Episodes In English Torrent Free 21 __TOP__

Despite the seeming impossibility of a full recovery of the original broadcast audio, Dragon Ball fans started to work to alleviate these concerns to the best of their ability throughout the 2010s, leading to a handful of single releases of episodes of Z. Such releases have included episodes 1-3 and episode 95, featuring original broadcast audio recordings on the torrent website The upload dates for these uploads range from episode 95's audio being released in 2015 to episodes 1-3 having their releases in April of 2017.

Dragon Ball Af Full Episodes In English Torrent Free 21

Finally, on June 21st, 2017, a user named "sarachikorita" uploaded a torrent of the entire original broadcast audio for all 291 episodes of Dragon Ball Z after spending six years searching for it, making it once again available in full to the general public.

While the full original broadcast audio for Dragon Ball Z has been recovered in its entirety, the same cannot be said of the original Dragon Ball, partially due to the lower popularity of the show compared to Z. However, the series does seem to be on the path to a full recovery: on September 4, 2017, an anonymous user on uploaded a torrent containing the original broadcast audio for episodes 1-7 and episode 153 of the original Dragon Ball anime, making it the first verifiable upload of any full Dragon Ball episodes containing the broadcast audio. Nearly three years later, on March 11th, 2020, the supposed original broadcast audio of all 153 episodes was uploaded online, including alternate versions.

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