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Mindgame Movie

Directed by Masaaki Yuasa, Mind Game is a 104-minute cult classic film that gives you an insight to life possibilities that could ensue if you would just, live like you mean it. It was released in 2004 under Studio 4C. The movie is based on a manga with the same name by Robin Nishi.

mindgame movie

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Indian cinema has been really good of late and movies from independent directors and newcomers have arrived as a sigh of relief. Kahaani was one such movie, where the director gets into your mind to pull off a magic trick that lasts for over 120 minutes. It is only in the end that you wake up to the trick to feel deceived and feel great about it. The movie about a pregnant woman coming to find her missing husband in Kolkata is sure to leave you amazed this weekend.

We are sure after watching these movies, you would want to pull off some of your own tricks on the chessboard. If these movies are intended to motivate players, we would love to share more from our lists. Do drop in your favorite movies as comments as well.

Walking into a dark theater to watch Incredibles 2 this summer, I was excited to watch a highly anticipated sequel to a movie that had been a part of my childhood, not to be emotionally wrecked. When the customary animated Pixar short began, I gasped as the image of a squat Asian woman deftly shaping meat-filled buns on her kitchen counter filled the screen.

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