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MIRC Registration Code ((NEW))

Mardam-Bey states that he decided to create mIRC because he felt the first IRC clients for Windows lacked some basic IRC features. He then continued developing it due to the challenge and the fact that people appreciated his work. The author states that its subsequent popularity allowed him to make a living out of mIRC.[2] mIRC is shareware and requires payment for registration after the 30-day evaluation period.[7]

mIRC Registration Code

PowerSettings v6.0a for Windows 95/98 is an excellent Windows Shell/Desktop Management Tool that provides numerous configuration and security options for the Windows user. Features: reconfigure/change virtually every aspect of Windows, check files for changes at startup (ala TripWire), view/edit/clear all Windows logfiles, change the Windows folder/directory structure, monitor and remove install/uninstall programs watching changes they make to your Registry and what programs they call, monitor all programs launched by Windows [read: watch for trojans], clear your history files when exiting from Windows, log all logins to your PC, change your registration information, access all password files, backup critical system files such as your Registry, lock your PC (ala Windows NT), edit the manufactor/model properties, much, much more.

Guideon v1.10 allows you to defeat the Microsofft GUID and maintain your privacy. Microsoft Office applications include an identifier called a GUID (Globally Unique Identifier). This identifier is unique to each machine. As a result, any document could be traced back to its original creator. Guideon lets you remove these identifiers from the files with no ill effects to the data files. Features: Replaces GUID with either zeros or an optional string you specify. Can make backup copies in case something unforseen should occur. Can log it's actions to a file you specify. Can replace the GUID on all Office files in a given directory or even drive. Detects office files based on content not name so it will even fix Document Templates. Optional logging of the orignal GUID. Support for running from the command line allowing, macros or batch files to call it. This release includes bugfixes and code optimizations.

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