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Triple Madness Remake Triple Trouble Cover [UPDATED]

Still, if his triple standard where May is concerned, indicates a genuine fear of green copy cat arrests, we may be getting somewhere. It is true. There aren't any politicians of any stripe, on a dead planet. And no judges either.

Triple Madness Remake | Triple Trouble Cover

Promotions usually have a tag team championship for a team of two wrestlers, and on rare occasion allies of the reigning tag team will be allowed to defend the title in the place of one of the reigning wrestlers under the Freebird rule. Though common in Mexican lucha libre, at one point, World Championship Wrestling (WCW) had a championship for teams of three. WWE also can have three (triple threat) or four (fatal four-way) tag teams going against each other as well. The Tag Team Triple Threat match (known as Tag Team Triangle match in WCW) involves three teams where a member of two teams are in the ring and can tag their partner or a member of the third team. The first team with an active competitor to win by pinfall or submission wins the match for the team.[130]

The shrinking supply of conventional munis has helped send yields on triple-a-rated one-year paper from 2.4% at the beginning of the year to 0.4% now. With so many more investors in the market, yield spreads on new taxable munis over Treasurys have plunged as well--from 2.5 percentage points since the first triple-a-rated Build America Bonds were issued in April to 0.75 now.

Other investors have sought yield by shouldering greater credit risk. That has narrowed the spread between tax-free triple-a and triple-b munis by half this year to 1.5 percentage points. This despite the fact that municipal finances are stretched thin across the country. Property-tax bases are under siege and public pension liabilities exploding. In Greenville, S.C. a lawyer for a 16-mile toll road warned in October of a likely default on $320 million in debt. 041b061a72

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