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[best Torrenty Info] Lego Ninjago Film

Expectations were mixed before seeing 'The LEGO Ninjago Movie'. Part of me was intrigued, having loved the first two films (especially 'The LEGO Batman Movie', while also being shocked at how unexpectedly great 'The LEGO Movie' was). Part of me was also apprehensive, with the critical reception being less than enthusiastic.Do have to agree that 'The LEGO Ninjago Movie' is the weakest film of the three by quite some way. Does that make it a bad film? No, and despite being an underwhelming film it's, to me, nowhere near close to being awful because there are good things and moments here. 'The LEGO Ninjago Movie' also could have been much better, in comparison to the first two films it is not a patch in quality, judging it on its own it's watchable but falls short. The previous two films were wonderful, this was disappointingly just okay.'The LEGO Ninjago Movie' does have good things certainly, always try to see the good in disappointing films and even in films that have very little good to them. Like the first two films the animation is impressive, unlike them it's not quite first rate (attention to detail isn't as refined and the visuals aren't as imaginative). The vibrant yet dynamic colours are remarkably vivid to the extent that it makes the eyes pop, the backgrounds are immaculately designed and the characters look remarkably good in Lego form.Music is breezy yet atmospheric. The voice actors do a good job with what they're given, Justin Theroux in particular is excellent. The father-son relationship does have some heart, it's not particularly new to put it lightly but it is the film's one attempt at depth and it's done pretty well.Regarding the action and film highlights, the highlight is the Godzilla-style trashing of LEGO city tower blocks by Meowthra (the best character in the film), which was truly enthralling and makes one wish that the rest of the action was on the same level.However, too many of the characters are bland and the film could have done with having less of them perhaps. The story is too thin for the running time and drags a lot in the middle third especially, for a LEGO film it's a bit dark and heavy perhaps as well.What worked so brilliantly before doesn't come through here, or at least not enough. Humour isn't enough and when it does appear it's not particularly funny, some of pretty dreary, and isn't as sharp, witty or clever as with the previous two films. It doesn't do enough with the Kung Fu, Ninjago or Japanese monster-movie elements, the mocking/parodying of them may go over younger viewers' heads and be too obvious for older ones and it doesn't execute them cleverly or imaginatively. It doesn't feel as much a celebration and is almost too pandering.Aside from the father-son relationship, 'The LEGO Ninjago Movie' is rather devoid of heart, with it being lots of chaotic and brash noise but little substance. The action tends to lack clarity and only the Meowthra set piece enthrals, the rest by LEGO film standards is pretty routine and the opposite of block-busting. The inspirational messaging is non-existent and personally did not see the point for Jackie Chan's inclusion and found his scenes little more than padding.Overall, okay but the weakest and only disappointing film of the three. 5/10 Bethany Cox

[best torrenty info] lego ninjago film

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