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[S4E9] Mum's The Word

These events would draw the interest of Dr. Martin Brenner, who took Henry to Hawkins National Laboratory to be studied; he was designated 001, becoming the laboratory's first child test subject. Brenner implanted "Soteria" into Henry's neck, a miniature device that suppressed his powers and apparently tracked his movements; in Henry's own words, he had become a 'prisoner'. In time, Henry became one of several orderlies who assisted Brenner and attended the lab. Brenner would go on to replicate Henry's powers in seventeen other child test subjects, who also had their movements and lives restricted to the lab's confines.

[S4E9] Mum's the Word

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Brenner intended to both study and closely supervise the boy. He inserted Soteria into Henry's neck, a miniature device that suppressed his powers and tracked his every movement; in Henry's own words, he had become a 'prisoner'. Henry was designated the first of a new group of Hawkins Lab test subjects, with Brenner tattooing "001" on his forearm to mark the occasion. In time, Henry became one of several orderlies who assisted Brenner and attended to the lab. Brenner deeply distrusted Henry, however, and would occasionally order the other orderlies to torture him to keep him intimidated.

During Henry's time as an orderly at Hawkins Lab, he took a particular liking to one of Brenner's test subjects, Eleven. After witnessing her being bullied by the other test subjects, he believed both of them were similarly misunderstood, and also believed Eleven to be the most powerful of the test subjects. Henry helped Eleven during times when her peers ridiculed her, offering encouraging words and advice.[2]

After chasing Hopper and Joyce around the Soviet base for a lengthy period, the Demodogs and Demogorgon gathered in the same spot, allowing Murray to burn the Demodogs to death with Yuri Ismaylov's flamethrower. The fully grown Demogorgon survived, but moments later, Hopper used a sword to behead the creature. The deaths of the Demodogs and Demogorgon weakened everything else connected to the hive mind: the bats, the vines, and even Vecna himself. The vines restraining Nancy, Steve and Robin writhed in pain, releasing the three and allowing them to reach the alternate version of the attic. There, they finally witnessed Vecna in the flesh, his body eerily suspended above the floorboards.

Music can reach sensitive areas of the human brain that words alone cannot. If Vecna's victim is exposed to music from the real world, it will likely disrupt or influence their hallucinations; by gaining 'an anchor to reality', a victim may find the emotional strength to survive and escape Vecna's wrath, and return to reality. Victims Victor Creel and Max Mayfield were exposed to music, and thus found the strength to escape their deaths.

You genuinely see the fondness they have for each other and how much they must've enjoyed working together during their scenes. Their final teary-eyed exchange, in which a tough Abuelita explained just how much Jamal enriched her life was moving beyond words and one of the finest moments of the series to date.

Olly remains at Castle Black and spars with Jon in the training yard, alongside other new recruits. He has little experience with a sword and shield, but Jon does his best to teach Olly how to be a proper swordsman. Olly abruptly stops sparring when Melisandre arrives to fetch Jon. Later, Olly is present when Mance Rayder is executed by Stannis for refusing to bend the knee.[6] Olly is present at the choosing for the 998th Lord Commander of the Night's Watch and is happy when Jon defeats Ser Alliser Thorne for the position of Lord Commander.[7]

Olly is sent to Jon's room to let him know that a wildling knows where his uncle Benjen is. Jon quickly rushes out of the room, across the courtyard and past a group of Night's Watchmen, only to find a sign with the word "Traitor" scrawled upon it. Several Night's Watchmen mutiny against Jon and stab him, bringing him to his knees, and Olly approaches. Jon whispers Olly's name as a plea for mercy. With tears in his eyes, Olly finishes Jon off by stabbing him through the heart, ending the mutiny and leaving his Lord Commander dead in the snow.[12]

After Jon's resurrection and subsequent reclamation of command, Olly is led to the gallows to be publicly hanged for treason. As Jon asks his condemned murderers for their last words, Olly refuses to speak at his turn and instead glares furiously at Jon. After a moment of silence from Jon, Olly gives him one final look of hatred before he is hanged along with the others.[15]

The creator of "Downton Abbey," Julian Fellowes, has made navigating English aristocratic manners and hierarchies a drama of its own, quite apart from sudsy plotlines. So we're celebrating the new film with an examination of one of the class markers he inserted into his TV scripts: the use of French words and phrases by the noble and wealthy characters.

It turned out that her press secretary, Michael Shea, had secretly briefed the Sunday Times reporter, who led him to believe he was writing a speculative story on the monarchy in the 21st century. Shea said he talked in general terms and that the reporter had "misinterpreted" his words.

Judith and her family dine together and share a laugh as they are joined by Daryl. The following morning, Judith accompanies Michonne to visit the Hilltop to help out the community after a tree has fallen down. On the way, Michonne tells Judith never to take enemies by their word. Judith suggests the Whisperers are probably trying to tire them out like R.J. does before he goes to sleep. Suddenly, Michonne spots Ezekiel riding on his own and tells Judith and the group to continue while she investigates. Later that day, the group catches up and they continue their travel to Hilltop.

Judith fights with the Coalition to defend the Hilltop, expertly taking down several walkers with her sword. However, during the fight, Judith impales a Whisperer through the gut with her sword as he comes up behind her, causing Judith to stare in shock at the man as he begs for her help as he dies. Earl arrives and takes Judith and the other kids to safety.

Out in the woods, Judith and Maggie are clearing out walkers together. After putting down a zombified Whisperer, Maggie asks Judith about Michonne and what she told R.J. Judith says that she showed the night sky to R.J. and told him that his mother was looking at the very same stars. The pair join Lydia and the others on the road. When the others pull the cart away, Maggie is suddenly confronted with the sight of Negan, helping the other survivors as a free man. He awkwardly greets her, and assures her that he didn't escape. Judith watches in silent as Maggie walks away without saying a word.

Judith leads a drill to teach the children how to wield swords. During it, she notices that Gracie is concerned about something and turns around to see a gang of teenagers taunting a walker through a hole in the wall. Judith confronts them and demands that they stop, threatening to get Rosita if they don't. This angers Vincent and he shoves her to the ground and taunts her by saying that she is a baby and her mother abandoned her. Having enough, Judith stands up and points her sword to his throat and threatens him to repeat what he said. Gracie intervenes and convinces Judith to put her sword down, the two girls glare at the bully still calling Judith names. Judith then walks away with tears in her eyes.

When Judith hears Gracie confess that she wishes that she were more like Judith because she's never afraid, she denies it, and explains to her friend that her mother just taught her the ways to channel fear into strength and tells Gracie that she can do it. too. Judith smiles at Gracie when she starts practicing with her katana and feeling more confidant. Virgil compliments Judith and tells her how proud Michonne would be of her, and that he notices how she carries herself just like her mother through her skills as a swordsman and caring for the other kids. This makes Judith happy, but she misses her mother and is disappointed when Virgil doesn't know where she went.

Judith notices Gracie getting a little too close to the window while practicing her swordplay, and tries to warn her, but the girl is suddenly grabbed by a walker through the window paneling and drops the katana. Judith runs over to picks up her sword, and slices off the walker's arm, and stabs it to save her friend. Judith is then directed by Rosita to blow out the candles. The walkers continue to build up and nearly break down the door which causes Rosita to run outside and into the storm. Judith watches at the window in admiration with Gracie as Rosita kills all the walkers in the yard, when Rosita returns Judith agrees to stay away from the windows.

In the basement, Gracie tells Judith that the door holding back the walkers won't hold, but Judith tells her that it will. Judith adds another bar to the door to prevent the walkers from breaking it down, then her and Gracie starting looking for more tools to use. The walkers break down the door and the girls stand on a table to escape them. Judith tells Gracie they need to get to a window, then kills a walker with her sword.

Daryl takes out Rick's gun and hands it to Judith, but she states she doesn't want it and hands it back. Daryl is confused but takes it back. Judith then brings up when her mom said she'd hang her sword up for good and feel like she didn't need it anymore and believes if she keeps the gun, things will go back to the way they were. Daryl says that things will get better once they get back home, but Judith continues to go on, saying that it's still broken and that there are still people who need help at the Commonwealth. She then says it's the same thing as what he, Rick, and Michonne did with Hilltop, the only difference being he's running away rather than fighting. Daryl gets frustrated and tells her to stop. Judith walks away and hugs Gracie, who is upset because her father is leaving. 041b061a72

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