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Where Can I Buy A Large Mirror

With these mirrors distinctive frames and shapes, they can really enhance your décor. Larger full length wall mirrors, or smaller ones grouped together like mirror art, make a room look brighter and bigger.

where can i buy a large mirror


They say the eyes are the mirror to your soul. But what about actual mirrors? What can they reveal? Well, they may not be able to say anything about your soul (although, that outfit is looking pretty dope). But they sure can provide an eye-opening interior design detail!

Space is always an issue when you have a big family, a small living space, or both. Still, you need to get ready for the day and you want to look your best. What do you do when the bathroom is occupied, the kids are playing in the hallway, and your better half is napping in the bedroom? Just grab a table mirror and you're good to go!

If you do have some room to play around with, a dressing table mirror might be a neat option. A mirror like that will fit nicely on top of your dressing table and will showcase a bit more of your wonderful self. Thus, making it easier to nail the outfit of the day.

Instantly open up any space in your home with this minimalist wall-mounted mirror. Crafted of metal, this mirror strikes a round silhouette. Its slender, clean-lined frame sports a classic finish, while the glass mirror within features a flat, for a brilliant reflection, letting the light bounce off to expand your space.

These oval mirrors bring a simple sophistication to any room and can serve as a focal point in formal rooms or in modern-style bathrooms. This unframed oval mirror will add a sense of contemporary and elegant class to small areas with limited wall space. These frameless oval mirrors offer a clean modern design that will freshen up the look of your bathroom, bedroom, or hallway. Each mirror offers both durability and style and comes in 9 sizes to fit almost any design.

Elevate the look of your home office, entryway, or hallway with this clean-lined, modern accent mirror. It features thin, rounded edges in a deep profile that reflects a minimal design and chic styling. This clear glass mirror is recessed into a thin metal frame in the size of your choice, and it comes with a solid board backing made from engineered wood. It can also be hung horizontally or vertically on your wall. Plus, this accent mirror includes four metal hanger rings that are welded to the back of the frame for easy hanging.

This full-length mirror brightens any space, bouncing light around to help your room appear bigger. It boasts an elongated arched silhouette and a thin metal frame with a neutral finish. Versatile and flexible, situate this mirror however best suits your space: Lean it against a wall. This mirror features shatterproof glass and is rated for both damp and dry environments, working equally well in your bedroom or bathroom.

The unique and intelligent use of lighting integrated into the mirror brings elegant function and beauty to your home. It has a built-in defogger means no need to constantly treat your mirrors with fog-free spray. Led light is dimmable, features three settings, and has an estimated life of 50,000 hours. With two built-in led strip lights, the led lighted bathroom mirror gives out twice the lighting, both from the backside and front. The lighting mirrors are bright enough for makeup or shaving or beauty care. No dark, no shadow, super clear.

This LED lighted mirror can be your best choice; it Instantly opens up any space with soft illuminating light and adds a touch of contemporary style. This sleek modern lighted mirror is a true aesthetic style and sophistication icon. I create a perfectly natural look that can be custom-tailored to various scenarios, such as the entryway, hotel, hair salon, clothing store, over a dresser, or above a bathroom sink; it will perfectly match your home! The touch-sensitive on/off switch further streamlines the sophisticated look and makes brightening your day as easy as moving a finger. With the rectangular LED light display, this mirror will illuminate your room for a brilliant reflection, letting the light bounce off to expand your space. An innovative defogger pad behind the mirror keeps the glass condensation free. By carefully selecting the right LED technology and combining it with an elegant mirror design, this Mirror is long-lasting, eco-friendly, and energy efficient.

If you want your new bathroom to be modern, functional, and attractive, then our bathroom mirrors are perfect for you. The bathroom mirror's bright white warm and cool light is diffused behind an inset of frosted glass for a uniform glow. With the touch sensor feature, you can choose from three different color options. Equipped with dimmer, defogger, clock, and temperature, a truly versatile LED mirror. Suitable for a variety of scenarios, such as bathrooms, bedrooms, cloakrooms, hair salons, hotels, etc.

The bathroom vanity full-length mirror suits your room. The mirror is large enough to see the body from different aspects. It can be hung horizontally or vertically on the wall. You also can lean the mirror to the wall in your bedroom or living room. Framed with aluminum alloy, the full-length floor mirror is water-proof and anti-rust. Hooks on the back make the mirror easy and quick to install.

Fusing function and fashion, accent mirrors reflect your look while acting as an eye-catching focal point in any room. Take this one for example: made in the USA, it features a beveled glass face and a rectangular silhouette that's sure to make a statement on any bare wall in your abode. Able to hang vertically or horizontally, this product even arrives with wall-mounting hardware included, saving you a trip to the store.

Both Lowes and Home Depot sell a variety of inexpensive vanity mirrors that are more than suitable for a garage gym. They offer them in all kinds of shapes and sizes, both with and without frames. They are generally not very expensive, and they sell all the different types of mounting hardware right there in the store. Check their websites, or go right into the store and ask for help from an associate.

The best looking mirrors for your garage gym are going to be the same mirrors you see in a commercial gym. They are larger, thicker, and should be professionally installed. This is not the budget route, however it can be done for less money than you might think; especially if you call a local glass company for a quote and negotiate a good price.

Another good article. I looked at one of those 35 mirrors at HD right before thanksgiving, but the store was way too crowded to deal with. Going to pick at least one up this week. I also found this article, which seems very similar to yours, on Google. Hopefully you are aware of this already.

Ordered a mirror and was given a date for installation. Installers never showed and never called. Tried to reschedule and company was difficult to contact and unable to provide me with an installation date that would work into my schedule. Very disappointed.

All wall mirrors move out of the way, the supercute Hello Kitty LED Wall Mirror has left its mark and stolen your heart. App controlled, this magical wall mirror can change colors, speeds of light, adjusts brightness and of course, offers natural lighting with dimming options.

The moving colours on the side of the mirror are reminiscent of the oxidation of antique mirrors or shades of a make-up palette. The vivid and deep colours are inserted onto the surface of each mirror by digital printing. The back of the mirror is convex, which is why the mirror falls slightly forward and reminds us of Venetian mirrors. The circular mirror is framed by powder-coated aluminium.

Mirrors can make your home look larger and brighter while reflecting your unique style sensibility, so they're a great addition to any interior design. If your home has unique space constraints or there's a very specific mirror style you're after, you can have a custom mirror created.

Custom mirror prices vary by several factors, but a 36-inch square custom mirror usually costs around $150 to $350, depending on the customizations. Find out how much custom mirrors cost based on factors like size, customization type, and whether you hire a pro to do it.

A basic 36-inch square mirror with a seamed edge usually costs around $80 to $100. However, a seamed edge is essentially an unfinished edge, so the mirror will need to be beveled or framed to be safe in your home. Adding beveling, framing, or other customizations will drive up costs.

You can save some money by framing the mirror yourself with a DIY kit. Mirror framing kits are available at many home improvement stores and usually cost around $50 to $100, depending on the size and materials you choose.

Most mirrors are made with glass that's 1/4-, 3/16-, or 1/8-inch thick. Square wall mirrors larger than 36 inches should be at least 1/4-inch thick for safety reasons. Square mirrors less than 36 inches are typically safe to use in any of the three standard thicknesses.

Typically, the thicker the glass, the more expensive (and durable) the mirror. For instance, a 36-inch square mirror with a seamed edge and 1/4-inch thickness usually costs around $80 to $100, while the same mirror with 1/8-inch thickness ranges from $50 to $70.

Seamed: Seamed edges, also called "broken" edges, are sanded down with an aluminum oxide-based sanding tool to remove sharp edges. But this edge type is still quite sharp, so it's typically only used when the mirror's edge will be covered by a frame. A 36-inch square mirror with a seamed edge and 1/4-inch thickness usually costs around $80 to $100.

Beveled: Beveled edges are cut and polished to create an angular border, usually around one inch wide. These are commonly used on frameless mirrors to add some texture and visual interest while softening the sharp edges. A 36-inch square mirror with a one-inch beveled edge and 1/4-inch thickness ranges from $160 to $200. 041b061a72

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